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SK1000 Hand held metal detector
Designed for use by security personnel to check for undesirable metal objects on persons prior to permitting entry to premises. Red LED and sounder indicates presence, uses 9v battery. 410Lx85Wx45Dmm
£90.00 (Each) 3-5 days
SK1004 Fake note detector pens - pack of 10
Simple and reliable method for identifying forged bank notes. Ink reacts with the paper to leave a very light yellow mark on a genuine note (which fades) or a dark brown/grey mark on a suspect note
£20.00 (Pack) 3-5 days
SK1006 Compact hand held UV scanner
Useful for checking banknotes, credit cards, passports & driving licences. Compact and lightweight ABS plastic scanner, reveals all UV markings. Operated by 4 x AA batteries. 160xL x 52W x 24Dmm
£24.50 (Each) 3-5 days
SK5224 Manual Counterfeit Money Detector
UV verification for all currencies, driving licenses, ID cards, and credit cards. Powerful UV lamp.
£45.00 (Each) 3 days
SK5225 Manual Counterfeit Money Detector
UV and watermark verification for all currencies and identification documents. Powerful UV lamp (9W). Large white light area for watermark verification. Automatic on/off sensor
£65.00 (Each) 3 days
SK5232 Coin sorter and counter GBP
Counts and sorts 220 coins/minute. Hopper capacity of 300-500 coins. Add & batch function. Total quantity + quantity per denomination, total value + value per denomination. Autostop when tray is full
£206.00 (Each) 3 days
SK5233 Banknote counter with counterfeit detection
UV, infrared and magnetic ink detection. Counts 1000 notes/minute, all currencies. Quick and easy to use, auto start and stop function. Large clear LCD display
£312.00 (Each) 3 days
SK5234 Banknote counter with counterfeit detection
Checks and counts value and units. 6 default currencies EUR/GBP/USD/PLN/SEK/NOK. Tested by the the European Central Bank. Adjustable counting speed. 100% counterfeit detection rate
£919.00 (Each) 3 days
SK7096 POS safe
Reduces robbery damages. All steel casing - no plastic parts. Easily mounted out of sight under the cash desk. Banknotes are neatly and jam-free stored
£78.00 (Each) 3 days
 ( Items 1 to 9 of 9 ) 
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