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WRDC500 Mobile Drum Caddy with 500kg capacity
Drum caddy will handle 140/210 litre steel and plastic drums, removable handle is used to tilt drums for positioning and doubles up as a bung key.

Size H: 950mm W: 750mm D: 570mm
£226.00 (Each) 3-5 days
WRDT250 Hydraulic Drum Porter with 250kg capacity
210 litre open or closed rim steel drums, drum lift 345mm, 22mm per stroke, 16 strokes to max height, max drum size 915L x 572mm dia, smoothly lowers via spring-return knob

Size H: 1000mm W: 810mm D: 780mm
£507.00 (Each) 3-5 days
WRDTF450 Drum Porter Plus with 450kg capacity
Will handle 210 litre drums on and off bund pallets as well as regular pallets, drum lift 500mm, max drum size 915mm L x 572mm dia, max overall height of porter in raised position 1380mm.

Size H: 1380mm W: 1020mm D: 900mm
£1,415.00 (Each) 3-5 days
WRDTR250 Override Drum Porter with 250kg capacity
Wide straddle and cantilever frame to pass over Europallets (800mm max width) Max drum height 1180mm, min drum height 910mm, max drum dia 572mm, inside straddle 850mm, outside overall straddle 980mm

Size W: 980mm
£624.00 (Each) 3-5 days
WRDTW250 Wide straddle Drum Porter with 250kg capacity
Enables lifting of 210 ltr drums off 800mm wide Europallets, fitted with parking brake, max drum dia 572mm, drum lift 345mm, lift per stroke 22mm, inside straddle 850mm, outside straddle 1015mm

Size W: 1015mm
£551.00 (Each) 3-5 days
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